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Come and Abide is a course that focuses in on waiting on the Lord and abiding in His presence. Louis wrote this course almost ten years ago and is one of the most powerful and insightful courses on prayer. This course has time of prayer built in so when Louis teaches it, he also has time of activation.

Course Cost Per Person:

Course takes 2-3 days and 6 sessions.
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Ministering Spirit Gifts is a course designed by Bishop Bill Hamon. Louis is an authorized teacher and has been teaching this course for almost 20 years. This course is specifically design to take people into the understand and activation of Spiritual Gifts. If your church believe in the gifts, but does not see enough of the actual manifestation of the gift, this course will get you started.

Course Cost Per Person:

Course Takes 3 1/2 days and has 13 sessions.
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The Salt, The Order, The Watchers is a course designed to train and activate the Body of Christ in the Order of Melchizedek Priesthood. This course comes out of several encounters with the Lord and brings scripture to life concerning The Salt of the Earth, Acceptable Sacrifice, Our Royal Priesthood, Angels and Watchers. Louis is writing this course and will e available after the first of the year so check back with us. Click Here
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Discovering Your Unique Design training will help you isolate your personhood, your passion, your promise and your potential. It will guide you on a journey toward the very thing God created you for. More than just a personality profile, or discovering your hobbies, level one training is design to cut through all the noise of everyday life and help you to refine your focus.

There are things we can be doing, but not everything we do can help us provide for our future. In level one training, discovering your deepest desires and the uniqueness of who you are is just the beginning. The best is yet to come in this phase of empowering that will help you to live a fulfilled life.

Course Cost Per Person:

Course takes one day, usually a whole Saturday as it has three sessions. This also comes with a detailed DiSC profile. To read more go to
Metron Institute.
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