Louis DeSiena Ministries

Helping You Maximize Your Potential

Jack Taylor-Dominion Ministries

Louis DeSiena is a HFS (Highly Favored Son)!  His skill set, which stretches from innovation and illumination to communication and continuation, is accompanied with an intense passion both to articulate the truth and allow God to embody it in his life.
I watch Him, his ministry and his appetite for holiness and pray for him with excitement and anticipation.  You will be wise to listen to him, examine what you hear and apply it in your life with stunning results. His family clenches the accuracy of what he teaches.

Brian Higbee, Sr. Leader City Church of Connellsville

Knowing Louis DeSiena for any amount of time you will acknowledge and respect his grasp of the kingdom of God.  It is deep, thoughtful, and built firmly on solid but carefully uncovered foundation.  Communicating effectively and ministering powerfully what he grasps is truly a passion expected of ministers of the gospel.  What is unexpected is the priority he places on kingdom relationships.  He understands and lives the axiom that the kingdom of God is relational.  This is what makes Louis, not only powerful and revelatory, but a brother and a friend.