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Do you want to pursue the Lord? Has he called you to something that is bigger than you could have imagined? Maybe you are longing to fully realize the potential of this romance with God. Why do you have to contend for Him? It is a love affair that is why. The Father has done everything He can to prove His love and passion for His children. The Bridegroom has paid the highest price for His Bride. Holy Spirit has come to bring us into this fullness and make those things that seem like a fairy tale, true. From the time the Lord called me to His glorious face, to the times He spoke promises, I have learned one major thing. I have a role to play in the wonderful plans of God. This being the case, I would have to pursue the Lord with passion and prayer. I would have to order my life after that very desire. The Lord is not hiding
His face from us any more. It is us that have hidden ours from Him.



I write a good many introductions for authors who have requested such. Whatever they are called is quite beside the point. It may be a introduction, preface, foreword, or an endorsement. Whatever it is, I love to do it. There are several reasons for this, and if I get a “go ahead” from God, I am into it as quickly as my schedule permits. After a dizzying number of these “whatchamacallits” I realize that several things come to play in the words that I write.
First, I need to know the author. If I do know the author, I am free to go to the next step.
Second, I need to know that the author is a person of integrity. Any spot on a prospective author’s integrity necessitates declining the invitation to approve of and commend the book.
Third, I need to know that the material in the book reflects the quality of the ministry taking place in the proposed author’s life.
Fourth, I need to have had times to observe the author’s disposition in relating to God, ministry, and others.
Fifth, I need to understand the distinct perspective of the material and content of the book. The crowning aspect that prepares me to give a helpful and objective assessment of the book is the privilege of observing and assessing first hand what results from the life and ministry of the
I have written all the above to remind me that in the case of
the book you will be reading, all these aforementioned things have
moved me to say a happy “YES” to the request to pen this foreword
for this work.
In my opinion, Louis DeSiena, is credible, capable, and qualified to write this book. He is a faithful pastor, a man with vision anchored to the Word of God, which are all confirmed by visions, prophecies, experiences and revelations from Scripture. He is a man of radical faith, to which such a faith leads to equally radical experiences, such as Louis being shot in the leg and foot at his church.
In addition, Louis’ faith transcends the local and regional to the world. He is a man of the Kingdom and thus his thinking includes a growing awareness of the magnitude of God and His realm. With this recommendation I say, “Welcome to the Kingdom and prepare for an enlargement of your thinking as you address yourself to the following pages. To Louis, I say, “You done good, son! Now prepare for another”!

Jack Taylor
Dimensions Ministries, Melbourne, Florida

I can remember the night in 2007 when the Holy Spirit introduced me to Louis DeSiena. I was invited to a meeting were Louis was the guest speaker and was introduced as an Apostle. After Louis was introduced as an Apostle I had a brief talk with the Lord,
because I had just had a season of great hurt and displeasure with people that called themselves Apostles. The Lord told me that Louis was a kingdom Apostle and that he
wanted me to make a covenant relationship with him. I have always believed what the Lord tells me about a person more than what the person tells me about himself. As I spoke to the Lord, He said to test Him. So I told God to make Louis give me a word, and then have Louis sow into my life. (Covenant will always cost you something.) Just as I finished talking to the Lord, Louis turns and gives me a word, then gives me a copy of everything on his book table. With Gods endorsement on Louis, we built a covenant relationship that has been tested and has produced kingdom fruit. Louis is one of the premier kingdom thinkers I know, He has great insights in maintaining the presents of God in his life with a prophetic edge to teach others. This Book will give you the keys to maintain your walk on the wild side with God, and therefore you will be positioned
for His purposes. I have trusted my heart with this man and endorse him and this book completely.

Charles L. Coker Jr.
Senior Leader-
One Kingdom Fellowship, Deltona Florida